Homemadegymstuff: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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Whilst I’m in the process of moving my blog over to WP, why not visit my old blog for ideas & inspiration…



Bent Over Lat Raises …with a Homemadegymstuff Twist

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You know when you just can’t feel the contraction at the top of a movement – so you use more weight, and ‘body English’ comes into play or you lower the weight; either way it just don’t hit it!
Had the same problem with bent-over laterals until I used the Wife’s “exercise band” to add tension into the squeeze…
Homemadegymstuff BentOverLatRaise-Bands
It don’t take much…
Homemadegymstuff BentOverLatRaise-Bungee
…Trusty ol’ bungee.
Turn and Burn.

Indoor climbing – Homemadegymstuff’s got it pegged!

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Straight from the Morley Peg board page link “…Peg boards come in different sizes for variety of groupings; 6′ x 6″, 6′ x 12″ and 3′ x 3′ square. Thick 1 1/2″ kiln dried maple with a smooth laminated finish. 1 1/4″ camphorated holes and 1 1/8″ pegs make for an easy peg action. Two pegs accompany all climbing peg boards. Complete with mounting brackets.”
Homemadegymstuff Peg Board

I’d probably start with a 300mm x 1200mm board, made from two pieces of 18mm builders/shuttering plywood glued (PVA) back to back. A pair of holes 150mm cross centres horizontally and either ladder or offset style 150mm vertically. Space this off the wall with a backing plate top and bottom (say 250x18x400Lg) so we can get some fixings into the wall, I’m thinking frame fixings say five top & bottom depending on wall type! Screw the board to these.

Homemadegymstuff Peg Board - backing plate

Pegs – now most broom handles are way too long, aren’t they?

Have fun but mind your head on the ceiling!

Why rip-off Ironmind’s Vulcan II racks, when Bodymax’ll do it for £103.99

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Just happened upon this great deal for cash strapped Brits – CF415 from Powerhousefitness.co.uk even better if you’re short on space too. At the offer price – can you afford not to buy one?

Homemadegymstuff Xmas pick

Max Load Weight 250kg

Dimensions Open 65cm x 65cm-107cm x 103cm-163cm (L x W x H)

It’s Brill, now if I could only convince ’em they need to send me one for review…

Have you got the Homemadegymstuff X-Factor…

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Or more importantly, once you’ve got it – can you keep it? Over at Dezso Ban’s site we have Father Bernard Lange, age 67
Fr. Bernard Lange has the Homemadegymstuff X-Factor at 67
Deadlifting over 525 lbs. without much trouble.

I’ll have to hike me pants up, Simon Cowell styly and see if that helps…

Homemadegymstuff Does P90x – Bring It!

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It aint Letitia, Nat or Davina – this is the real deal: Peter Horton at his best. Now unlike others I’m not gonna strip down to me shreddies and prance about in public on YouTube, so here’s a taster of what to expect presented by the man himself…

There are at least a dozen DVDs in the series and hence no reason not to give it a try! Equipment wise you’re looking at say a yoga mat, Dumbells (or Homemadegymstuff bands), chinup bar and yer water bottle.

Homemadegymstuff PNF Stretch Strap: Prehab/Rehab & Injury Prevention

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You could go out and buy a Stretch Out Strap…